Are you planning for an upcoming event or meeting? This article will teach you how to select the right meeting venue that will suit you and your guests? If you are choosing for a venue for your event, there are many things to consider. You should know who will be attending- knowing your target audience will help you to prepare it in the right way.

Venue hire in AustraliaSuitability

  • The venue should fit your organizations corporate brand image
  • It should give a good impression for the specific meeting
  • It should appeal to your audience
  • Check if the venue staff will add any value to your guests


  • Is the venue highly accessible to guests?
  • Does the venue provide the necessary air/ rail/ road links?
  • Check if the venue is suitable for any excursions, shows, and extra events?
  • Check if the location is quiet, it should be situated in a safe area, and your attendees should enjoy great accommodation options.


  • Find out if the date you want to use is available on the required date
  • Check if there are any extras like accommodation or equipment that are available on the dates you really required?
  • Will it be flexible if you intend to change the meeting date


  • Find out if the seating capacity is really suitable
  • Check if the conference venue is big enough to contain all the invited guests, because your attendees should be comfortable.
  • Check if the meeting rooms are really laid out
  • Check if attendees can move about without any hiccups or delays
  • Size is important when searching for venue hire Gold Coast – as most venues there are small


  • See if the venue has all the room varieties you need like convenience rooms and small hangout area during break away meetings.
  • See if the venue can provide stationery, electronic whiteboard, projector and so on
  • Check if the venue will provide Wi-Fi internet access
  • Does the venue provide personal computer or available laptops?
  • Do they provide meals/ coffee/ tea and refreshments?
  • Will those with special dietary requirements be catered?
  • Check if the venue has enough parking slots for invited guests
  • Check if the conference venues have good temperature and are well ventilated
  • See if there are options for disabled delegates
  • Check if there are bar or restaurants for entertainment and post-meeting networking
  • Check if there are leisure or sports facilities like a gym or pool
  • See if the venue provide accommodation


  • See if the price of the venue is within your stipulated budget
  • See their price details, so that you can have a firsthand experience of the type of rates they provide
  • Are there options for discounts? See if the price are negotiable
  • Check if there are hidden charges
  • What about their room rates?
  • What is their mode of payment?
  • Do you need to pay some deposit? If yes, how much are you expected to pay?
  • How is their cancellation policy? If you cancel your order after booking, how much refunds will you get- full or partial?

An honest answer to all the above questions will help you in selecting the right conference venues in Melbourne or your next event. We hope this short article was really helpful?